If You’re Constantly Being Hit By Your Husband, Separate Temporarily Not Divorce, Mama Blessing Advices

Here is an advice given to women who are victims of  domestic violence in their various marriages by Mama Blessing.

“As a Christian woman, if you’re constantly being hit by your husband, separate temporarily, not divorce!

Move in with your parents, or parents-in-law.

Pray from there while also seeking the needed intervention required from authorities whom you consider ideal enough to broker reconciliation and address the issues decisively without bias, prejudice.

However, in receiving directives from these authorities, whoever they be, discretion must be applied.

So many Christian women have lost their lives to this uninformed sense of submission.

These women suffer and endure extreme cases of abuse, and in some instances, death, just because they try to regard or respect the authority of their parents or spiritual heads.

To such women, ONLY YOU KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE PAIN that you are in!

Therefore we must be rational in our reasoning!

An abusive marriage turns you into a different person.

Abuse  on women must be preached against and addressed in churches!

Do not stay because of your children and lose your life!

Children are attracted to the kind of marriage they see.

Remember that only the alive, sane, and well, can tend to children; be wise!



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