Yung6ix Gifts $10,000 To Friend Who Gave Him N10,000 At The Start Of His Career

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Popular rapper, Yung6ix, gave out 10,000 US dollars to a longtime friend who will be celebrating his birthday today.

According to the rapper, this friend help him with 10,000 Naira at the start of his career in Lagos 8 years ago.

He said:

8 years ago @imblackking gave me 10,000 Naira to come to Lagos to chase my dream as an artiste, without that 10k there would be no Yung6ix today. Showed him I’m grateful by giving him 10,000 dollars today. Strictly for motivational purposes only. Don’t just be great be grateful and don’t forget those who helped you when you where nothing

The rapper who has for a while being laying claims to being the rap king in Nigeria recently said he has no competition amongst Nigerian rappers.

When I wanna listen to African rap, I play Yung6ix and SA rappers WTF is wrong with Nigerian Rappers? Wake up

On how he started rapping, Yung6ix in an interview two years ago said:

I started a long time ago in secondary school. To be honest I can’t really pick a specific date, year or season but I know I was still in secondary school when I came up with my first song.

On challenged in the music industry as at that time:

Apart from the politics and tribalism, I think every other challenge could be accepted because in life nothing good comes easy.

He also talked about his record label, KKTBM, which offered him a $500k deal saying:

It is one of the best deals that can happen to a young entrepreneur. The whole deal for my project and the KKTBM is worth about half a million dollars and as the day goes and we grow as a label and a brand, our income and capital for new projects grow too. The name KKTBM is already becoming a household name and we are about to turn it into a franchise.

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